Musicians all over the world against military bands and military orchestras

>> Music should not serve the war! Music should not serve the military!

>> Music should serve peace! Music should serve international understanding! Music should serve disarmament!

  • military music corps support military ceremonies.
  • military music corps provide a good mood among the soldiers during foreign missions.
  • The 15 german military music corps cost 50 million euros per year. This money is missing in schools, in public transport, in care...
  • military music corps stand in almost unbroken tradition to the military music bands of past centuries.
  • According to the Bundeswehr website, performances by military music corps are a "bridge to the population."
  • Musical military advertising in the house of worship. What would Jesus have said about that? We protest against the 100 military concerts per year in churches.
  • The german military music corps big band is a "musical secret weapon" according to Bw representatives.

Therefore, we demand: Abolish military music corps!

  1. Military music corps are the marching bands, orchestras and big bands of the military.
  2. All over the world it is the same problem: Military music serves the purpose of taking peoples minds off war and what militaries do.
  3. The military music corps are a useful cog in the military wheel.
  4. Even though they play Christmas carols and popular pieces of music, military bands remain a form of advertising for the military.
  5. The military music corps promotes the image of the military in the public and promotes a good atmosphere among the soldiers and supports military ceremonies.
  6. In this respect military music treads the same path followed down through the centuries.
  7. In particular we oppose military concerts in churches.
  8. The military music is too expensive. It is taken out of tax revenues. This money could instead be used for peace-creating projects.
  9. Music should serve to promote understanding among humans and nations, and not war and violence.

Do not cooperate with military music corps!